4 Benefits Of Hiring Artificial Turf Installers

Artificial turf offers a pest and allergen-free solution for your home’s lawn. It has multiple advantages, including being versatile and durable when installed correctly. When planning to add artificial turf to your property, work with a professional company to browse their inventory of high-quality products. Here are some benefits of hiring turf installers:

1. Expertise and Experience

Professional installers have the expertise required to help you select, prepare, and install specific types of turf. Different artificial turf products can have varying pile heights, blade densities, drainage systems, and fiber compositions. A professional will assist you by recommending a suitable type of synthetic turf for your desired project. This may include installations for a lawn, rooftop, pool area, or playground. Some turfs have a higher durability rating to handle frequent traffic in areas like playgrounds. Installers might suggest an enhanced drainage system to accommodate wetter climates and make sure you have a suitable lawn year-round.

A professional will also have experience preparing the existing landscape. They can address the soil composition, slope, or any potential drainage issues. They’ll know how to level the ground, remove old vegetation, and create a stable base for the installation project. A turf installer will make sure that the area is adequately prepped to provide optimal functionality and longevity for your lawn.

2. Installation Techniques

After the area is leveled and prepared, the professional installs the sub-base for proper stability. A plastic lumber border helps secure the turf once it’s laid out. An installer then places geotextile to prevent weeds from growing and base rock on top of it for a solid foundation.

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Professionals utilize techniques to create a seamless appearance for your lawn. Installers tape and glue the turf while it’s laid down in sections to make an aesthetically pleasing finished product. Once the turf is installed, an infill distribution will help provide stability. Experienced installers should use an infill, such as coated sand, to prevent expansions and contractions. This material also helps grass stems stay upright to resemble a natural lawn.

3. Cost Savings

Investing in professional turf installation services has multiple benefits, including time savings. These services allow you to have a low-maintenance lawn that doesn’t require frequent weed management, herbicides, or insect control. Artificial turf helps reduce water consumption while remaining green regardless of weather conditions. It eliminates the need for reseeding, patching brown spots, or cleaning up after mud during the wet seasons. Professional installers can also provide simple maintenance guidelines and tips to help you care for your artificial turf properly. They can recommend cleaning methods and products to prolong the lifespan and appearance of your turf.

4. Variety and Customization

Some installers are artificial turf distributors and carry a range of inventory for homeowners, architects, and landscaping companies to choose from. This allows for increased flexibility based on your installation project’s needs and budget. The installer may also provide samples of various turf options, allowing you to see and feel the products before making a decision.

Professional installation companies may offer customization options to make sure the final product meets your specific needs and preferences. Installers can cut and shape the turf to fit any area, regardless of its size or shape. This is particularly useful for irregularly shaped lawns, garden paths, or uniquely designed landscapes. They can also provide additional features like custom drainage systems or increased cushioning to further personalize your project.

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Install Artificial Turf Today

Professional turf installers can lay turf in various locations, including common areas, sports facilities, or commercial applications. They can also help design, create, and install the turf the way you want. With a free consultation, they may recommend or determine which type of turf will best support your intended use. Contact a professional today to learn which kind of synthetic grass is best for your project, whether it’s for outdoor or indoor use.

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