5 Wholesale Janitorial Supplies You Need

Adequate janitorial supplies are necessary for maintaining a clean and hygienic environment in high-traffic commercial establishments. Purchasing wholesale janitorial supplies is a cost-effective strategy for businesses that manage large facilities or multiple locations. Here are some janitorial supplies to buy wholesale:

1. Side Pocket Mops

Side pocket mops are an excellent solution for color-coded cleaning. The pocket mops fit most pocket mop frames and come in assorted colors. You can switch out different colored pocket mops for various areas, minimizing the risk of cross-contamination. Mesh-backed side pocket mops are ideal if you clean a building several times a day as their construction allows them to dry faster than traditional canvas pocket mops. When buying wholesale pocket mops, look for those with microfiber loops as these trap dust better than standard mops. Check the elasticity of the pocket mops for a snug fit on your mop frames. 

2. Microfiber Cloths

Microfiber cloths are another key item when shopping for wholesale janitorial supplies. These cloths comprise a blend of polyester and polyamide which contributes to their durability and efficiency. When making microfiber cloths, manufacturers combine polyester and polyamide in a way that splits the cloth fibers, creating more surfaces for trapping dirt. This manufacturing technique also makes microfiber cloths highly absorbent, which is ideal for wet cleaning. Polyester fibers help microfiber cloths work well in lifting grease and oils off surfaces. Microfiber cloths are lint and streak-free, making them suitable for cleaning glass and other shiny surfaces.

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3. Dusting Wands

Purchase a dusting wand to effectively clean hard-to-reach areas like high shelves, underneath and on top of large appliances, behind radiators, and around ceiling fans. This cleaning tool has a lightweight frame which makes it easier to handle when cleaning. Its flexible blade can bend, making it easy to reach awkward spaces, and its slim size allows it to fit around corners and edges. Wholesalers sell terry and microfiber dusting wand covers to suit a variety of cleaning jobs. Some suppliers even sell poles you can attach to your dusting wand to help you clean the highest spots in your facility. 

4. Huck Towels

Huck towels are just as effective in cleaning surfaces as microfiber cloths. The towels comprise pure treated cotton fabric, which is highly absorbent. Manufacturers weave the cotton fabrics on huck towels tightly, making the towels less likely to fray or thin out over time. The tight weave also gives the towels some texture, adding to their effectiveness in cleaning. Wholesalers often sell huck towels in cases containing packs of varying towel colors, which is ideal for color-coded cleaning. 

5. Bucketless Mop Systems

If you are looking for a way to reduce water usage when cleaning floors, invest in a bucketless mop system. Bucketless mops have a canister on their handles, which you can fill with water or a cleaning solution. Press a trigger on the handle to release the cleaning solution as needed when wiping floors. Reducing the amount of liquid spilled on the floor during cleaning sessions means your floors dry faster after cleaning, which is ideal for areas with high foot traffic. These mops also eliminate your need to carry around mop buckets.

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Buy Wholesale Janitorial Supplies Today

Buying the right janitorial supplies makes it easier to keep your business premises clean. Buy frequently used supplies like microfiber cloths, pocket mops, dusting wands, and cleaning towels to avoid shortages. Buying wholesale janitorial supplies also reduces your business expenses as you can often get what you need at discounted prices. Keep your premises stocked with wholesale janitorial supplies to equip your cleaning staff with adequate cleaning tools today. 

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