Everything You Need to Know About Tiger Trout Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley, the beloved farming simulation game developed by ConcernedApe, offers many activities to keep players engaged. Among these activities, fishing is a relaxing and rewarding endeavour. The Tiger Trout is one of the more intriguing fish you can catch in the game. This guide will cover everything you need to know about Tiger Trout Stardew Valley, including where to find it, its uses, and how to maximize its benefits for your farm.

What is a Tiger Trout?

Tiger Trout is a unique hybrid fish known for its striking appearance and significant utility in Stardew Valley. Unlike other fish, Tiger Trout is sterile, meaning it cannot reproduce, which mirrors its real-life counterpart. This characteristic adds a layer of strategy when managing fish ponds and fulfilling various in-game requirements​.

Where to Find Tiger Trout

Tiger Trout can be found in specific locations and times within Stardew Valley. Here are the details:


  1. Pelican Town River
  2. Cindersap Forest River
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  • Fall
  • Winter


  • 6 AM to 7 PM


  • Any weather condition​

In addition to catching Tiger Trout, players can purchase it from two sources:

  • Krobus’ Shop: Available on Wednesdays for 200g.
  • Traveling Cart: Depending on availability, costs between 450g and 1000g​.

Fishing Strategy for Tiger Trout

Tiger Trout has a difficulty rating of 60 and exhibits a “Dart” behaviour, making it a moderate challenge to catch. To improve your chances, use the best available fishing rod and bait. If you want to avoid the hassle of tracking the specific season, time, and weather, using Magic Bait can help you catch Tiger Trout at any time and in any condition​​.

Uses for Tiger Trout

Tiger Trout is versatile and can be used in various ways in Stardew Valley:

Community Center Bundles

    Tiger Trout is a crucial component of the Community Center’s River Fish Bundle in the Fish Tank. Completing this bundle unlocks the Glittering Boulder removal, which grants access to panning for minerals​.


      Tiger Trout can be used in several cooking recipes, providing valuable buffs and restoring energy and health:

      • Maki Roll: Requires 1 Fish (Tiger Trout), 1 Seaweed, and 1 Rice. It restores 100 Energy and 45 Health. The recipe can be learned by watching the Queen of Sauce on Summer 21 of Year 1 or purchased from the Stardrop Saloon for 300g.
      • Sashimi: Requires 1 Fish (Tiger Trout). It restores 75 Energy and 33 Health. The recipe is available after reaching a three-heart friendship with Linus​.

      Fish Pond

        While Tiger Trout cannot reproduce, it can still be placed in a Fish Pond. Here are the details for managing a Tiger Trout Fish Pond:

        • Initial Pond Capacity: 10 fish
        • Output: Dark Brown Roe
        • Quests: No quests are required to increase the pond capacity
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        The Fish Pond is a reliable way to produce Roe, which can be further processed into Aged Roe, increasing its selling price and providing a steady income source​ .

        Tailoring and Crafting with Tiger Trout

        Tiger Trout can also be used in tailoring and crafting:


        By combining Tiger Trout with Cloth at the Sewing Machine, players can create a dyeable Fish Shirt. This adds a fun customization element to your character’s wardrobe, especially for players who enjoy collecting unique clothing items​ .


        Tiger Trout is an ingredient in crafting quality fertilizers, essential for enhancing soil quality and increasing the chances of growing high-quality crops. The recipe requires 1 Fish (Tiger Trout) and 2 Sap, becoming available at Farming Level 9​.

        Selling Tiger Trout

        Selling Tiger Trout can be quite profitable, mainly if you utilize the Fisher and Angler professions to increase the selling price. Here is a breakdown of the selling prices based on quality and profession:

        Quests and Special Orders

        Tiger Trout may be requested in the following quests:

        • Help Wanted Board: Willy may request 1-4 Tiger Trout during Fall or Winter, offering a reward of 150g per fish. Players get to keep the fish they catch for this quest​.

        Trivia and Historical Context

        In both Stardew Valley and real life, Tiger Trout is a sterile hybrid that cannot reproduce. This exciting fact adds a layer of authenticity to the game and highlights the developer’s attention to detail​.


        Tiger Trout Stardew Valley is more than just a beautiful fish; it plays a significant role in various aspects of the game, from completing bundles to crafting and cooking. By understanding where and when to catch Tiger Trout, how to utilize it effectively, and the benefits it brings to your farm, you can enhance your Stardew Valley experience. Whether you aim to complete the Community Center bundles, cook delicious recipes, or boost your farm’s productivity, Tiger Trout is a valuable asset to which you want to pay attention.

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        FAQs About Tiger Trout in Stardew Valley

        What is a Tiger Trout in Stardew Valley?

        Tiger Trout is a unique hybrid fish in Stardew Valley known for its striking appearance and inability to reproduce. It is used in various game aspects, including Community Center bundles, cooking recipes, and crafting.

        What is the difficulty level of catching a Tiger Trout?

        Tiger Trout has a difficulty rating of 60 and exhibits a “Dart” behaviour, making it moderately challenging to catch​.

        What quests involve Tiger Trout?

        Tiger Trout may be requested in the “Help Wanted” quests. Willy might ask for 1-4 Tiger Trout during Fall or Winter, and 150g per fish​​is rewarded.

        Can Tiger Trout reproduce in a Fish Pond?

        No, Tiger Trout cannot reproduce in a Fish Pond. You need to catch multiple Tiger Trout to fill the pond. The pond produces dark brown Roe without requiring quests to increase its capacity​​.

        What is the maximum capacity of a Tiger Trout Fish Pond?

        The initial pond capacity for Tiger Trout is ten fish, and no quests are necessary to increase the capacity​​.

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